Keeping Your Sanity at Christmas

Wrapped Christmas presents

If it wasn't for the talented hand-crafters near my event booths and my proactive nephew, Ashton, sending his list, I wouldn't have any shopping done at all! I know I've heard Christmas tunes on the radio but it still doesn't seem real. Maybe its the lack of big snowfalls or the mild temperatures. Maybe its because I haven't entered any big box stores to have it thrust in my face. In any case, I need to get cracking if I want to keep my sanity this Christmas! 

Whatever you're doing this holiday season:

  • Make a list - presents to buy, tree to decorate, Christmas lights to put up, meal plan (or a gift for your hostess!), gift wrapping, grocery shopping, etc. I'm a big fan of lists! You won't be stressed out by a task you forgot and you'll feel some sense of accomplishment as you cross them off.
  • Buy local and handmade if possible. There are always multiple craft shows on and what better place to find a unique and quality gift for friends and family. No line ups or stress and you can feel good about your purchases. 
  • Shop online. Again, no lineups or stress. You can do it in your pjs or while you enjoy some eggnog. Have it delivered to your door if possible.
  • If you're hosting this Christmas, take at least 15 minutes to relax with a beverage of your choice before your guests arrive, NO MATTER what state things are in. This is the most challenging and beneficial tip. Wouldn't you feel better as a guest if your host(ess) was calm and dinner was late versus having a stressed out host(ess) serving dinner on time? Don't worry about being perfect, it's about spending time with family and friends. 
  • It may be too late for this year, but if you're still buying gifts for everyone, consider paring the list down, drawing names, doing a gift exchange game or doing random acts of kindness instead.
  • Traveling? I think another list is required! Ship gifts, check passports, confirm flight information, ensure car is ready (gas up, check tires, washer fluid, oil, wipers, etc.), pack (don't forget your sunscreen and a small Christmas decoration!), find someone to pet sit, take in your mail and shovel your snow.

And speaking of the Christmas season, please note that we will be closed December 18-27th. I want to wish you all a very warm, happy and healthy Christmas and New Year!

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