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"I have a passion for healthy living, from running to what goes in and on my body. This care for myself extends to my customers who I truly love helping. Making people happy inspires me - whether it’s a scent they love or a solution to their problem." - Deena, Owner


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I have been buying your Lavender & Mint spray for a long time to help with hot flashes. You should know it saved my life and I now have friends wanting some. We can’t find anything like it here.

Cherie, Ontario

Deena took the time to ensure that she understood what my issues were and to make sure that the oil she prepared would have a pleasant aroma. I enjoyed using it and still carry it in my backpack to use when needed. I would recommend this service anytime.

Anonymous (Aromatherapy Case Study Volunteer)

...we started to use the Body Balm. It worked like a DREAM. Our cracked, dried out hands are completely healed and ready for another day of soap and water. Highly recommend!” 

Clare, Edmonton

Four Pillars of Health - Part 3: Exercise

Would you like to be old, unhealthy and decrepit or old, healthy and mobile? There’s a big difference between aging and decay. Aging is inevitable; your hair will turn grey, things will start to sag, and you will start to look old. But you don’t have to act or feel old. Our bodies are constantly replacing muscle cells, blood cells and bone cells; actively destroying older cells and replacing them with

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Four Pillars of Health - Part 4: Toxins

Probably the least talked about pillar in health these days is toxins. Our human nature doesn’t seem to allow us to be motivated by long term consequences or benefits. But toxins are all around us every day. We’re exposed to cigarette smoke, airborne pesticides and heavy metals and forest fire smoke through inhalation. In a 2021 study, the Government of Canada estimates 15,300

Woman lying in bed blowing her nose

Essential Oils and Head Conditions

In this article I’m looking for scientific evidence that essential oils can help with colds, headaches, migraines, and sinus problems.

Do you remember the last time you had a cold? Experts are predicting a rise in the number of colds and flu in Canada this winter with the relaxing of Covid restrictions (well, maybe not here in Alberta…sigh). 

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Stay safe, happy and healthy. And thanks for supporting local business!

Updated September 7, 2021

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