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Lava Bead Bracelets

Lava Bead Bracelets

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Stylish and functional, these aromatherapy lava bead bracelets are handcrafted with natural lava beads and a variety of gemstones. Wear a lava bead bracelet by itself or stack a few together. 

Large fits most men and large-boned women (up to 20cm), medium fits most women, and small fits older children and small-boned women (up to 16cm). You can measure your wrist by wrapping a measuring tape around it. Contact us for a custom design or size.

Please note that bracelets may not be exactly as shown.

Directions: Put one drop of essential oil or essential oil blend on one black lava bead. That's all you need to diffuse all day.

Bracelet Care: Roll the lava bead bracelet on and off your wrist instead of stretching it over your hand. Keep your bracelet away from soap, perfumes, hair and skin products, sunscreen, etc. as these can degrade the elastic.

Gem Properties:

Amazonite: alleviates cramps, liver imbalances and seasonal allergies, supports health of skeletal system, relieves menstrual cramps, facilitates childbirth, encourages communication, helps resolve conflict, tremendous healing abilities, money, luck, harmony, success, soothing, fatigue, trauma, thyroid problems, alcoholism, balances energies

Aventurine (green): Considered a stone of luck, abundance and love. Symbolizes growth and helps new projects blossom. Soothing to the mind and body, helps combat infection, regulates blood pressure, nurtures self-love, encourages self-care, helps with irritability and aggression, optimism, lighter shades help eliminate pain, darker shades are strongly detoxifying. 

Crazy Lace Agate: promotes healthy metabolism, fights off infections and disorders of the blood vessels, relieves sciatica, encourages out of the box thinking, increases mental flexibility, grace, joy, happiness, support, encouragement, optimism, stress, unity, cooperation

Tree Agate: balances the microbiome, inhibits harmful pathogens, supports healthy skin, liver and digestive system, relieves seasonal allergies, calms and relaxes, helps with deep meditation, dissolves arrogance and egoism, treats shock and emotional trauma, counteracts anxiety, anger and sudden mood swings, stamina, focus, improves mental function, abundance, peace, tranquility, boost the immune system, balance water in the body, inner stability, self-examination, gently grounding, strengthens family connections

Opal (pink): nourishes the heart, skin and circulatory system, regulates blood sugar levels, emotional healing, eases worry, shame, shyness and dissatisfaction, invites warmth, affection and compassion, helps us look within, strengthens our connection to our inner self, spiritual awakening, 

Rhodonite: heals wounds, mends broken bones, reduces bruises and inflammation, help with weight loss, reduce menopause symptoms, dissipate blood clots, alleviates allergies and bronchitis, promotes healthy digestion, emotional balance, anxiety, nervousness, mania, fear, phobias, enhances feelings of self-worth, promotes healthy romantic relationships, clarity, understanding, encourages altruism and generosity, forgiveness, confidence

Sardonyx: strength, protection, courage, happiness, clear communication, lasting happiness and stability in marriage and partnerships, self-confidence, charisma, overcome feelings of helplessness, lifts depression, encourages action, mental focus, strong concentration, increases willpower, regulates all body fluids, cell metabolism and intestinal activity, helps to repair bones, heals the sensory organs, strengthens immune system, strengthens lungs, helps with chronic back pain, bowel, prostate and bladder problems, kidney and urinary tract infections, brings luck for legal matters and obtaining justice

Berry Quartz: unconditional love, self-love, appreciation, romance, infinite peace, happiness, joy, stress, depression, forgiveness, compassion, worry, comfort, emotional healing, encourages openness without giving in to other's demands, helps accept change and enforce healthy boundaries, stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the heart, helpful for skin and reproductive conditions, encourages fertility, helpful for chest and lung problems, healing for kidneys and adrenals, vertigo, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and dementia, releases tightness in muscles and joints

Howlite: breaks up stagnant energy and toxicity in the body, insomnia (especially for an overactive mind), ambitions, strengthens memory and concentration, patience, helps to eliminates rage, pain, anxiety and stress, deeply calming, awareness, balances calcium levels in the body, encourages emotional expression, slows an over-active mind

Turquoise: healing, general health and well-being, comfort for the spirit and body, intuition, insight, wisdom, excellent for exhaustion, depression or panic attacks, protects travellers, helps with public speaking and writing, very balancing for extreme mood swings, inner calm, integrity, honesty, enhances the immune system, anti-inflammatory, viral infections, detoxifying, alleviates cramps and pain, helpful for gout, rheumatism and digestive complaints, protects agains injury and accidents, dissolves apathy and martyrdom, protection against falls, secures friendship, protects against evil, promotes leadership

Jade: serenity, tranquility, purity, good luck, stimulates ideas, friendship, peace, harmony, encourages self-realization, stimulates kidneys, urinary tract infections, allergies, hearing loss, boosts fertility, promotes healthy skin, encourages longevity, restful sleep, promotes marital bliss and fidelity, helps with limiting beliefs about money

"I loved all 3 of the bracelets I ordered. And very happy that they arrived the next day!" Jen L

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