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Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

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Cinnamon bark essential oil (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) is known for helping: nervous exhaustion, reduces airborne and kills surface influenza, bronchitis, coughs, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, warts, colds, nausea, viral infections, energy, aphrodisiac, depression, rheumatism, stress, invigoration, confidence, motivation, strengthens immunity, alleviates aches, pains and stiffness in muscles and joints

Cinnamon bark is a base note and blends well with bergamot, cardamom, clove, frankincense, ginger, grapefruit, lemon, mandarin, marjoram, nutmeg, orange, petitgrain, rose, ylang ylang, benzoin, peppermint

Cinnamon oil can irritate skin so use highly diluted. Avoid in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Extraction method: steam distillation

Country of origin: Sri Lanka

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