Wedding Ring Dermatitis

Woman's hand with wedding ring

Ever had a red itchy patch under your wedding ring? It's called Wedding Ring Dermatitis and it's a common skin rash. You are more likely to get it if you have sensitive skin, eczema or allergies. You can wear your ring for several years and suddenly develop it. 

It's caused by an allergy to nickel (most gold and platinum rings contain a small amount) or from a buildup of soap, skin cells and/or lotion under the ring (bacteria make their home here and can cause irritation).

How do you get rid of it or prevent it? If it's a nickel allergy, stop wearing it. If its from irritation, clean your ring by boiling it in vinegar and peroxide (safe for diamonds but not recommended for pearls and opal - please check on other gemstones) and wear it on a different finger, remove the ring for washing your hands, use a mild soap and dry your hands thoroughly. To speed healing, use a moisturizing product containing shea butter and tea tree (tea tree is also antibacterial). Our original scent Body Balm is perfect for this.

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