Seven Ways to Use Essential Oils

Essential oil bottles stacked in a pyramid

Essential oils have amazing properties and unlimited uses. Today I'm going to talk about seven ways you can use them - some might just surprise you!

  1. In a diffuser, for aromatherapy or just to make the room smell extra pleasant. 
  2. On a tissue. For aromatherapy purposes a couple drops on a tissue is a convenient way to take your oils with you. Or stick it in your pillowcase at night to help with issues like insomnia. You can put the tissue in a drawer or between towels or sheets to keep them smelling fresh.
  3. In your car. There are all sorts of car diffusers available, some clip on to your vent and others you can hang from your mirror. 
  4. In your laundry. A couple drops on some laundry balls gives you a natural scent when you use perfume free laundry products.
  5. On a lava bead bracelet. Functional and stylish! One drop on one bead is all you need!
  6. Cleaning. Ohhh the possibilities! Put a couple drops in your unscented liquid soaps, laundry soap or in a spray bottle with water. Shake and spray to deodorize or spray and wipe to clean. All essential oils are antibacterial and some are antiviral, antifungal or disinfectants.
  7. To remove sticky residue. This works better than anything else I've ever tried! Just put a couple drops on a rag or paper towel and wipe the offending residue off easily. A great way to use expired oils or ones you don't like! 

​Cause life should smell good!

Do you have another use for them? Tell us about your essential oil hacks!

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