Facial Toner & Cleanser

facial toner and cleanser

I’ve been making my toner for at least 6 years and it’s still the only thing I use to clean my face.

My formula has changed very little over the years. It’s simple with no exotic ingredients, which may be why it surprises people with how effective it is. It contains witch hazel, water, tea tree, clary sage, lavender, aloe, vitamin E, a solubilizer and a preservative.

I had a friend who was a little skeptical but bought a small bottle. She told me later that she couldn’t believe how much it removed AFTER using her regular cleanser. She now usually buys two bottles at a time.

This product sells best by word of mouth. It’s not something you usually get excited about buying at a market or online. It’s not a sexy product but it’s one of our best sellers. It removes, dirt, oil, makeup (except maybe some mascaras) and your other cleansers’ residue. It tightens and tones your skin while being extremely gentle and suitable for every skin type. Here’s why… 

Witch hazel is astringent (tones skin, removes excess dirt and oil, tightens pores), is gentle for problem skin, anti-inflammatory, provides UV protection and heals wounds. It can cause a minor skin irritation in some people so we also use water in our base.

Tea tree essential oil is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, heals wounds, eczema, psoriasis, acne, and is suitable for oily skin.

Clary sage essential oil is antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, suitable for oily skin, dry skin and acne, astringent, anti-aging, heals wounds, strengthens skin, balances sebum, and helps with psoriasis.

Lavender essential oil is hydrating, suitable for oily and dry skin, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antioxidant, helps acne and rosacea, reduces redness and scars, heals wounds, and reduces itching.

Aloe vera is soothing, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, UV protecting, antioxidant and repairs damaged skin (scars and blemishes).

Vitamin E soothes burns, repairs damaged skin, deeply cleanses pores and balances oil production, heals wounds, stimulates cell regeneration, smooths, increases hydration and prevents moisture loss, is a powerful antioxidant and ant-inflammatory, and may provide UV protection.

Solubilizer is used to emulsify the oil and water so the toner doesn’t separate.

A natural preservative is antimicrobial and protects the toner and you from contamination of microorganisms.

"While I wish this product did a better job of removing my plain ole mascara, non-waterproof, I love how it cleans off the rest of my makeup and the clean feeling of my skin. I notice how smooth and fresh my face/neck feels. My serums and lotions go on nice and absorb well after this toner. I notice my face isn't as oily mid-day. Love Love Love this toner!"

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