Adventures with Pinterest Part 1

Jar of clay and waterTwo jars of shaving cream

It was a rainy and snowy weekend so I decided to try out some body care recipes I had pinned on Pinterest. I wasn't very optimistic based on my previous experience but I thought I'd try out products I've never made before. I chose hairspray, a face mask and his and hers shaving creams. Here's what happened:

  1. All Natural Homemade Hairspray - Okay, I admit this one scared me right from the start - basically its sugar and water. And the recipe said to replace it "when it no longer looks the same". What are we looking for here...mold, yeast? Eeeekk!! It was easy to make and I halved the recipe cause you just never know. You could also add essential oil but the recipe should have instructed you to shake before using. I sprayed it on lightly and waited for it to dry. Cautiously I put my hand to my hair. Hmmm...not too bad. It felt a bit stiff. Improvements: Next time I would add a preservative, essential oils and a solubilizer. Conclusion: It's not good enough to switch to but I'd definitely make some if I was in a jam! I have run out of hairspray, forgotten to pack it on a trip and I've had it taken away from me at airport security in Mexico. Of course you do need an empty spray bottle on hand.
  2. Lavender Green Clay Mask - I have another confession - I'm a face mask virgin. Other than having one at a spa, I mean. I halved this recipe and substituted lavender essential oil for lavender buds. Easy to make! The recipe promised me that it would thicken over a few hours. Nope. Not even overnight. The clay sank to the bottom and there was clear water on top. I drained off most of the water (and probably most of the lavender), applied it to my face and set a timer for 10 minutes. It was a very thin paste and didn't cover my face well. I waited for the reaction described by the author, "I found this clay makes my face throb and it gets itchy and sore". Nothing. Phew! Improvements: I would cut the amount of water in half. Conclusion: I would use a different type of clay as this one is good for oily and acne skin. But I'm intrigued and will definitely experiment some more!
  3. Homemade Mens Shaving Cream - Whipped up a batch of this for my honey to try. He's such a good sport! He was impressed by the creamy texture of it until he put it on. Made mostly with coconut oil, shea butter and almond oil, it just melted on his skin and didn't give a smooth shave. And apparently it was a bugger to wash out of the sink! Improvements: Nope, this one's going in the trash. Conclusion: It wasn't a total waste as it can be used as a body butter.
  4. Homemade Shaving Cream for Women - Made with shea butter and coconut oil. The instructions said to add aloe vera gel but it wasn't listed in the ingredients. I had some on hand and decided to try it anyway, even though it doesn't mix with oils. Took it in the shower with me and same problem as above. Plus the razor was greasy and now so was the shower floor! Improvements: Trash it. Conclusion: I now have lots of body butter! Maybe a lotion bar would work better?

Come back next week when I try lotion bars, a face scrub and two more face masks!

Have you tried making something from Pinterest? Was it a tragic fail or super success?

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